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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 23, 2012 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we have the best stories and videos for you "right this minute." rescuers work to find treasure at the bottom of a rock pile. what they're searching for is precious to us, and to the mama deer waiting nearby.
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see the search and the happy ending. a cop car slams into a house. >> what a wake-up call if you're sleeing. this is the middle of the night, if that's your house. >> hear about the woman who came out of this alive. >> an aerialist takes her performance 11 stories up. on a big piece of cloth. >> she's swinging from it. >> hear what happens since the rogue acrobat ran from police. the video shows a prison bee being thrown off a bridge and caught off a boat. >> some people look at it and still think it's fake. >> now we've got the dude to take on the doubters. another greatest thing about it was the fact that it was unplanned. >> and a man plunges into an icy lake. >> man, that's cold. >> hear about the promise that drove pastor dave to do it. >> i thought i was going to die at the moment. >> we look at a lot of videos on this show, but i will guarantee that you guys remember this one.
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the girl and the deer. the deer took a liking to this young girl and tried to, for a lack of better word, free gong with her. the chase went on and on and on. how did this happen? so, of course, we got in touch with sbun via skype. we have kendra sutherland, being chased by the deer. and tyler thompson who you hear in the background giggling the entire time. he's the one that shot the video. were you wearing deer-scented perfume or something? >> i don't know why he showed a liking to me, but we were checking out a house my hiser wanted to buy and she brought us to see it. and we're going down to the creek part of it and we hear something following us and we turn around and we tried to get a picture with it. and then it just wouldn't let me go. >> you were giggling pretty much
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the entire video. what was going on in your head as you were holding the camera up and watching this deer have a way with your friend? >> i was dying laughing. i was literally cracking up. i would have never expected the deer to start humping her. >> th when we werep u in d, i w laughing at the whole situation. there's really a deer chasing you right now and i'm filming this. >> have you received flowers or any e-mails or facebook requests from the deer? >> not yet. still waiting. >> tyler, are you and kendra and item. and if so, are you jealous of the deer? >> yeah, i guess i am a little jealous of the deer. >> tyler, why didn't you go after and try to save her? >> i didn't know what i was going to do? tackle it? it's every day a deer tries to get with your woman.
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>> do you feel like a really manly man because even the animal kingdom finds your woman hot? >> i guess so, yeah. >> lyings and sirens behind you what do you do? >> pull over. >> you pull over, right? that didn't nap this case. here's some dash cam video from the tigard police department in oregon. he's approaching a car. this officer is on his way to an emergency. >> oh! down goes the house. that police car went completely through and demolished a guest room and almost into the living radio room. what a wake-up call you're sleeping, this is the middle of the night. this was actually 8:30 in the
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morning. there was somebody at home at the time but they were in a different part of the house. no one was injured inside the house. no one was seriously injuried in this crash either. the officer walked away, the husband and wife in the car were okay as well. they were treated for minor injuries the 65-year-old driver said yeah, i did see the lights and i heard the sirens, but i thought i could make the turn in time. >> oh, my goodness. >> woops. >> how lucky that no one was in that room, that no one was sleeping, that no one was injuried. and it's amazing that even though the officer hit the driver side of that car that no one in that car was injured. >> this amazing rescue video happened in brush prairie, washington. take a look at this. now, what you see here is a
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backyard in brush prairie. a wife came out of her backdoor and saw this deer here where you knowing back and forth against the rocks in her backyard. she seemed to be shoving her nose in the rocks. they could figure out what was going on. so they called a rescue team. the rescue team that you see here figured out that a baby fawn had fallen in between these heavy bolders. >> she's circling. >> the mother deer just circled the yard constantly. here you see her circling. if you listen closely enough, you hear the screams of the baby fawn. >> yay! >> there's -- >> aww. they pulled the baby fawn out. >> here's the reunion of mother and child. >> a bambi story we can tell everybody. >> and then she almost looks back as if to say thank you.
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>> now the fawn is back with his mom, h egot a drink of milk. >> a little cup of milk will make everything better. >> wow, he was thirsty. >> this is one cool acrobat. >> this is a performance back in july. but this is a brand-new video of that performance that has just recently been put on the web. >> this warning is for you. if you're afraid of height, you probably shouldn't watch this video. >> there's a warn on the video. >> we, she's going up the bridge. she's got her cape on and everything. >> she's going to perform on a double silk cloud swing, which she invented. >> she has no safety harness. >> in fact, she's a very first person ever to have a ba in circus stentialism. she's putting on a performance for all the rush hour traffic drivers. she is 285 feet above the
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bridge. >> looks like she's directly over the train tracks. so if she did plummet to her death, she would follow on top of a train, not car. >> after the performance, she climbs back down and ready to meet her at the very bottom of the performance was the nypd. she takes off running. three minutes later, they have her in custody. but even while she's in custody, she continues performing. she is charged with a class a felony, which carries a maximum penalty of seven years in prison. her fans on twitter raised moin less than an hour and paid her bail. eventually her charges were dropped to a misdemeanor. and instead of spending seven years in prison, she was able to make a plea deal, which includes five free performances for kids. >> you'll neat a porcupine that goes all cranky pants if you touch his corn.
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. >> that's so cute. >> who knew porcupines make that noise. >> and we put a taylor swift admir admirer to the test. >> how tall are you? >> i'm six foot. >> what color are your eyes?
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>> we've seen so many cool tricks shot videos. well, this one is probably my absolute favorite one. >> this right here is the world's fastest receiver. >> where do you think that frisbee is going? >> is a bird going to come by? >> perhaps. >> oh! >> did he get it? >> he totally got it.
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>> i didn't even see that boat down there. >> oh! >> the guy throwing the frisbee is two-time national ultimate frisbee champion brody smith. >> the greatest thing about it was the fact that it was unplanned and spontaneous of him jumping out of the boat. definitely not what we had written up. but glad he did it and glad derek made a big catch. >> what was the original idea. >> the original idea was just to throw it out there and for the boat to drive up on to it and catch it. it was definitely an awe sma sm job by the driver. >> how many takes did you shoot? >> we don't like to disclose that information? but for this one, it was actually the third throw. the first one i did, i threw it out there to show the driver where it was going to go. the first one, he misread it and the third one was what you guys just saw. >> so you posted this video. you already have more than 2.5
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million views. some people look at it and still think it's fake. >> it's definitely real. and if you want, you can definitely look to see i'm not just coming out with one video. i have probably another 100 videos on youtube. i tell them to look at those videos. and the other thing, the amount of time it takes to fake it, slash, all the equipment. first of all, i have no idea how you would do it with three camera angles, but the amount of money it would take to do it, i would rather do the real thing. >> this little guy's name is teddy bear. but i'm not thinking you want to hug him. teddy loves corn on the cob. he gets it as a treat. but teddy does not like to share. >> who knew that porcupines made that noise.
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>> get your own corn. >> the noises that makes, that's what it sundays like. >> this is traveling education organization. they teach people about wild life. >> he uses his hands, too like a human. he likes using his hands. he gets that little butter brush, brushes of butter on there, salt. >> there's a mixed bag on whether or not porcupines are good pets. some people say sure, they can be gentle. but the con ken sus sfr for, you know, most people online, don't have a porcupine as a pet. >> why would you give it corn and then try to take it away.
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that's not fair. >> exactly. >> there's all kinds of different ways mentors and teachers use to motivate kids. incentive, right? well, this is pastor dave. and pastor dave put out a challenge to his entire congregation to raise money for the beyond the tree christmas giving challenge. and if they met the goal that he set, he would jump in the lake in his skivvies. >> they say i have to jump in this lake. >> in the middle of winter, though. >> where is he in the middle of winter? >> snoqualmie, washington. >> good for him. be a man of your word. >> hopefully i've been a good husband and sfather for you. >> saying his goodbyes just in case. >> he gets in if the lake when it's ankle deep. so he has to trudge through the water. >> you want deep enough water to
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just dive right in and get it over with. >> pastor dave made good. >> i bet this year, the wager is a little different and doesn't include jumping into ice cold watter. >> let's find out how that deep felt and what the new wager is. pastor dave, tell me how that felt? >> it was cold. it was really cold. we were trying to find a lake that wasn't frozen over. that shows you how cold it was. it was pretty funny watching this. i thought i was going to die at the moment. >> do you show these videos to the entire congregation? >> oh, yeah, for sure. we're not your typical church. >> when you first came up with the idea for this wager, you thought it was a good idea and you also didn't think they would probably raise the funds, did you? >> the organization these funds go to, it's called buying maple plates and it helps single moms and kids who are homeless get back on their feet, get their life started again. it's an incredible organization. so i have no problem challenging our folks, give big, big generous.
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hopefully i'm not the one th has to fulfill a bet this time, oug i de mpin >> ever feel like life is a roller coaster? then you're going to li ride down the mountain with us and we'll tell you the story of the bumps and turns behind this video. >> everybody in this family flies. including the pooch. >> we got out by the airplane and he jumped right in. >> meet the rescue dog who got his wings.
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>> taylor swift has millions and millions of fans, right? well, this guy alex, i think he wants to be more than just a fan. ♪ why are we dating and celebrating ♪ >> you can see alex has written a song to taylor swift like why aren't we dating? >> we've seen these everyday people asking out celebrities before. i wanted to hate this, but he did a really good job. >> no, you can hate this. >>. ♪ i think you're cutest than my sister's favorite kitten ♪ ♪ >> he's hoping if enough people like this and pass it around that taylor will see this. and maybe they'll be dating at some point in the future. we have alec weber, the writer of this song an star of this video via skype right this minute. >> first of all, how long did it take you to write this song and
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video? >> ait took 11 months. trying to get a date with an international pop star isn't easy. >> i'll be writing taylor an e-mail later. how tall are you? >> i'm six feet. >> co-what color are your eyes? >> brown. >> do you have a six pack? >> yes, i try. >> are you going to show us. whew! >> and foomly, your shoe size? >> 12. >> a 12? >> easy. easy. >> what if taylor calls you and says hey, what you got going on saturday at 8:00. >> i would be there saturday at 8:00. >> the producers over here say you were on an episode of "gossip girls." >> yeah a while back. i'm from new york and i was living there and i did it about a year and a half ago or two years. >> here's the thing, though. you're not the first person to ask out a celebrity or music star online via youtube. do you think taylor swift might see this and be like eh. >> i had to take my shot.
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>> this video is really good. i would be shocked and surprised if taylor looks at this and goes eh. >> time far little high speed adventure. >> the ski slopes, when they're not in season, they tend to do some other things. they'll do mountain hill mountain biking. in austria, they turn the slopes into a roller coaster. >> this is a single rail roller coaster. it's kind of silly looking. you can get your own car. >> that was a very sharp end. >> this is david ellis' way of coming down the coaster. david is a roller coast aficionado. he goes all over the world riding roller coasters. he's even broken two world records for riding roller coasters naked. >> in the nuded? >> in the nude.
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here, he's doing something slightly naked. he's going down this thing with no breaks. >> what? >> he is moving. >> yeah. >> how is he going to break? >> the break is just a little lever in between his legs. >> oh so he can control it? >> he can control it, but for the thrill, he's chosen not to touch the brebrakes at all. >> i would totally do this. good idea to make a little extra buck during the summer months. >> you want to go flying? >> that's brody, the world famous flying dog. and the answer is always the same. >> this dog flies better than most humans fly.
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just a few clouds,. sunshine pushing temperatures up to near record levels we have got 86 in frederick. 81 in d.c. 80 in dover. the old all time record in baltimore, 82. maybe we pop to 81 at the top of the hour. very warm with almost no wind. see what will help cool things off. we'll talk about how temperatures will change. that and much more at 5:00, which is ahead in just a minute.
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stick around. >> being polite, being diplomatic, that really is the secret weapon. >> most dogs get really excited when you say, you want to go for a walk? dpupt a treat? not this little guy. >> do you want to go flying? huh? you want to go on the plane? little brodie here is a flying enthusia enthusiast. he runs full speed out to the plane. he gets his wish. he's up there high in the sky, flying along with the family. >> this entire family, they all fly. >> they all fly.
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dog included. >> does he stick his head out the window? >> he goesz with us everywhere we go. we got out by the airplane and he jumped right in and now you can't get anywhere near the aircraft without him freaking out. >> if you hit turbulence, does he get nervous? >> he acted like most adults do, a little nervous. h he's back there wagging his tail. >> he has his seat in each aircra aircraft. he know what is his seat is and he never really leaves. >> do you want to go flying? yes? >> that's going to do it for today's show. it's beautiful footage. enjoy and we'll see you tomorrow.
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one day after a huge rally pushing for an arrest in the death of a 17-year-old florida teen, the president weighs in. what he said and how the movement to find justice for trayvon martin moves to the nation's capital. he's not someone easy to dismiss. >> chris cuomo has the first the interview with the rutgers student in the bullying case. baltimore's basilica is in need of repairs. how long it will take to get them fesmed. first, we've got to talk about the gorgeous weather. it gave manypl


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